Our mobile air purifier - the VIROBUSTER® free-standing devices

We offer mobile air purifiers in the form of free-standing devices. Thanks to their efficacy, easy of use and low noise levels, they are suitable for long-term use. They can be placed wherever they are needed and switched on and off as required. In addition, they are also cost-effective in terms of purchase price and maintenance, and easy to use thanks to their simple plug-and-play design.

Our devices offer multiple benefits versus alternative products

Device efficacy

VIROBUSTER® devices offer proven efficacy of >99.99% against SARS-CoV2 surrogates (Phi6 and MS2 bacteriophages) in just one cycle.

Space efficacy

The combination of slow intake and a high output speed guarantees a reduction in microbial counts for the whole room - in just a few minutes.

Device comfort

The pedestal offers stability, and the fan it contains is extremely quiet given its air flow capacity. It can therefore be used long term, for example in offices, hospital rooms and bedrooms.

Safety & Sustainability

Our devices work solely on the basis of UV-C. This means there are no filters or hazardous additional technologies such as plasma (ozone) or ionisation, making it an emission-free solution that is safe for users and the environment.


As there are no filters that would require regular changing, maintenance is only required every 2-3 years. Its low maintenance costs make STERIBASE® the perfect choice.