Air Purification for Medicine and Care

Air hygiene plays an important role in the field of medicine. To protect patients and staff, VIROBUSTER® offers flexible air purification systems.


Intensive Care Units

For intensive therapy units, VIROBUSTER® offers the option of either being integrated in existing room air conditioning systems or being set up as a mobile unit where required.


Outpatient Surgery

VIROBUSTER® can be used as an alternative to HEPA filters if the technical requirements for installing a HEPA filter system are not fulfilled.


Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms are often areas where there is a high germ content. Here, our mobile devices such as the STERIBASE® can be used to protect visitors, staff and patients.


Isolation und Quarantine

Isolation rooms can benefit from VIROBUSTER® in two ways. Patients with weak immune systems can be perfectly protected from external influences. In addition, VIROBUSTER® also offers the possibility of isolating highly infectious patients. Example: SARS-CoV2-Virus.


Treatment Rooms

A large number of patients with a wide variety of symptoms means that good air hygiene essential. If the rooms have an air conditioning system, this can be retrofitted with VIROBUSTER® devices. There is also the option of introducing a mobile floor-mounted device.


Public Areas, Corridors

In public areas and corridors, it is difficult to achieve a high level of air quality. Our wall-mounted devices can ensure a constantly high level of purification.

Benefits of UV-C for Medicine and Care

Fewer hospital-acquired infections
Better protection in waiting rooms, hospital rooms and treatment rooms.
Mobile solution that can be switched on and off (e.g. to create isolation rooms as required)
Subsidies of up to 100% available (in Germany)
Air purification in operating rooms

Air purification in outpatient surgery and operating rooms

Mobile isolation rooms

Setting up mobile isolation rooms with VIROBUSTER®

Air purification in waiting rooms

EN Air purification in waiting rooms and areas