VIROBUSTER® – Your specialist in the field of UV-C air purification

VIROBUSTER® air purification systems use effective UV-C technology, and offer the safest and most efficient alternative to traditional air purification processes.

A specialist in UV-C air purification since 2003
99.99% purification rate with just one cycle
100% free from emissions and chemical additives
Exceptional air quality thanks to downflow circulation
Installation is easy, economical and flexible (modular system)
Up to 100% funding available from German state subsidies

VIROBUSTER® – the patented standard for UV-C air purification

The patented VIROBUSTER® UVPE process achieves 99.99% air purification rates in just one cycle, providing a significant improvement in air quality without the need for additives. The devices offer unrivalled efficiency, low noise levels, compatibility with current hygiene measures, no emissions and complete safety for people, animals and the environment - while maintaining unbeatable levels of performance. Our modular solution is scientifically proven and meets even the most demanding customer requirements.


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Why is purified air so important?

In buildings such as retirement homes and care facilities, schools and childcare facilities, offices, universities and traditional administration buildings, where many people gather together, there is high traffic or adequate ventilation is not possible, pathogens build up in the air. As temperatures increase and people move around, they are swirled around by the natural air circulation. This significantly increases the risk of infection with coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). Today, the safest and most modern air purification methods are required to counter this.

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Reducing the risk of infection and staff absences effectively and safely with UV-C

To protect patients, visitors and staff, VIROBUSTER® set new standards in the field of UV-C air purification during the first SARS pandemic in 2003, with the development of special technology for the medical industry. This patented UVPE (ultraviolet pathogen elimination) technology is now popular in many other industries. It achieves up to 99.99% air disinfection while meeting all current safety criteria for people and the environment. Guaranteed.

More on UVPE

Emissionsfreie UV-C Luftentkeimung

Safety and Sustainability

VIROBUSTER® UV-C technology is safe, emission-free and sustainable.

Emission-free (ozone-free) UV-C tubes are installed in closed ventilation ducts to ensure maximum safety for people and the environment, while simultaneously reducing the number of micro-organisms in air handling systems. In addition, our patented VIROBUSTER® UVPE (ultraviolet pathogen elimination) technology requires far fewer lamps, uses less energy and is lower maintenance than traditional systems.

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Luftentkeimung mit UVPE

Maximum intensity versus UV-C (UVGI)

UVPE - The dose is key

The patented UVPE procedure uses specially arranged lamps and reflections to inactivate micro-organisms. It has shown a 3-log improvement on previously used UV-C technologies1

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Flexible einsetzbare Luftentkeimungsmodule

Modular unit system for all applications

A single solution for all room configurations

Our unit system is based on the patented VIROBUSTER® STERITUBE®, which is used in both our wall (1) and floor (2) devices. It can be incorporated into new air handling systems or retrofitted into existing systems (3). All systems have been equally biologically1 and technically2 certified and validated by a recognised test centre.

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Luftentkeimung in der Labor-Branche

Even more effective:

Including filters for increased power

The system can be combined with filters to handle larger inorganic particles.

Luftreiniger Plug and Play


Flexible and easy to use

The plug-and-play concept means that our modules can be used wherever they are needed - simply install them and switch them on and off as required. As the system is quiet3, it can also be used long-term as a standalone or built-in solution in air handling systems.

Staatliche Förderung Luftentkeimung


Receive state subsidies of up to 100% (Germany)

According to the German Federal Environmental Agency and the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Health of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, if ventilation with fresh air is not possible, innovative air filtration techniques may also be used as part of the multi-barrier system for infection prevention, if their efficacy for the spaces in question is supported by plausible scientific evidence. The VIROBUSTER® UVPE mechanism is scientifically proven1 and is therefore eligible for state subsidies.

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1As evidenced by studies by HDZ NRW (Heart and Diabetes Centre North Rhine-Westphalia) – Ruhr-University Bochum: Transmission von Viren (2009, Bochum) and Biotec GmbH (hygiene institute): Inaktivierungsraten von Corona Surrogaten (Bermpohl 2020, Gütersloh)

2TüV Air Purification Device Report R60024536

3The carefully designed air flow enables air mixing with almost no bypass, and thus the highest possible net air exchange per hour.

VIROBUSTER® can play a significant role in reducing the risk of infection.

Dr. Ron Hendrix
Hospital hygienist, Dutch NOS News, 26 May 2008

VIROBUSTER has taken the lead in research and development in air sterilisation technologies

Dr. Wladyslaw Kowalski
UV Expert UVGI Handbook 2009

99.99% for the coronavirus (surrogates Phi6 and MS2) in one cycle. The system can be classified as ‘very good’.

Dr. Andreas Bermpohl
Biotec GmbH 2020

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