Air purification with UV-C reduces viruses, bacteria and aerosols by 99,99% – wit the VIROBUSTER® UVPE principle

The next generation of UV-C air disinfection

Air disinfection with UV-C is increasingly accepted as a safe and effective alternative to traditional disinfection procedures. How UV-C is used has changed significantly since it was first established. The “open” UV-C method, which uses direct radiation of the area to be disinfected with UV-C light but is less effective and presents a health hazard due to ozone release, was still used until the SARS1 outbreak in 2003. After this method was officially rejected by the WHO and other health institutions, the now-standard (ozone-free) UV-C technology (UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation)) was developed, whereby the lamps are placed in the closed ventilation channels of air conditioning systems. While this eliminated the safety issue, it drastically reduced efficacy, as the air is not present in the plastic ventilation system long enough to be oxposed to sufficient radiation. This is a major issue that VIROBUSTER® identified early on and has now effectively overcome in its UV-C technology with the UVPE method.

VIROBUSTER® UVPE principle - superior to traditional UV-C air disinfection (UVGI)

The patented UVPE (ultraviolet pathogen elimination) principle is what makes VIROBUSTER® systems different to open and standard UV-C (UV-C lamps in air conditioning units). We have developed it to technical perfection with our STERIBASE® unit module. This tube forms the basis of all our wall, floor and built-in modules and takes UV-C air disinfection to a whole new level, bringing together modular, highly effective technology using high-dose UV-C and special reflectors with a targeted displacement current. This results in a powerful combination that clearly outperforms all other UV-C air disinfection technologies currently on the market.

How UVPE works

How the VIROBUSTER® UVPE process works

Downflow: The need for optimal airflow

In addition to UV-C air disinfection, VIROBUSTER® systems also create a ‘downflow effect’ that then minimises the risk of infection.

  1. VIROBUSTER® devices aspirate polluted air slowly, without causing turbulence.
  2. The air is then disinfected in the UV-C module.
  3. The clean air is then blown out at a higher speed.
  4. As this clean air sinks, it forces (re)polluted air down towards the floor.
  5. It can then be aspirated again without turbulence and disinfected.
downflow circulation

How the downflow circulation principle works with the VIROBUSTER® STERIBASE®

How does it compare to other technology?

When choosing the right air disinfection technology and comparing different floor devices, high air flow and kill rate aren’t all you should pay attention to. In addition to filter efficacy, it is also important to take other factors into account:

Emissionsfreie UV-C Luftentkeimung

1. Device Efficacy

99.99% elimination rates in just one cycle

VIROBUSTER® air disinfection devices offer proven efficacy of >99.99% against SARS-CoV2 (coronavirus surrogates: Phi6 and MS2 bacteriophages)1.

Our Air Purifiers

Downflow Zirkulation

2. Space Efficacy

Efficacy through targeted turbulence

The combination of slow intake and a high output speed guarantees a reduction in microbial counts for the whole room - in just a few minutes.

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Air purification waiting room

3. Device Comfort

Guaranteed low noise levels

The pedestal offers stability, and the fan it contains is extremely quiet given its air flow capacity2. It can therefore be used long term, for example in offices, hospital rooms and bedrooms.

See STERIBASE® Floor Device


4. Safety and Sustainability

No emissions or chemicals

Our devices work solely on the basis of UV-C. This means there are no filters or hazardous additions such as plasma (ozone) or ionisation, making it an emission-free solution that is safe for users and the environment.

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grafic low maintenance

5. Cost Effectiveness

Low purchase and maintenance costs

As there are no filters that would require regular changing, maintenance is only required every 2-3 years3. Its low maintenance costs make the VIROBUSTER® STERIBASE® the perfect choice.

See STERIBASE® Floor Device

Technology in comparison

... and of course on where the device will be used

An air purifier can be a useful alternative if ventilation using windows or a building ventilation system are not possible. But which technology, which provider and which model are best suited to your specific needs and conditions?

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1“Coronavirus surrogate inactivation rates”, Elimination Study, Bermpohl 2020, Biotec GmbH, Gütersloh. Surrogate viruses (enveloped Phi6 & MS2 bacteriophage with a structure, particle size and environmental stability comparable to SARS-CoV-2) were tested.

2The carefully designed air flow enables air mixing with almost no bypass, and thus the highest possible net air exchange per hour.

3When used 10 hours per day, 280 days per year

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