Air purification, how does our system work?


Standard air purification using filter technology is only effective to a limited extent, due to the diameter of filter pores and the impurity of filter surfaces. THE UVPE process allows the highly effective elimination of all dangerous microorganisms. Technical products available from VIROBUSTER® as an addition to existing air purification systems can be integrated as units or used as stand-alone solutions to help to make a clear improvement in air quality.

With standard UV (UVGI*) technologies, the irradiation process is subject to fluctuations due to environmental influences such as air temperature, airflow velocity and dust concentration in the air. In contrast, during the patented UVPE process, environmental parameters** are constantly analysed and the irradiation process is adjusted accordingly. This ensures optimum air purification, which exceeds the effectiveness of standard UVGI technologies and extends the active spectrum of established filter systems.


We aim to ensure that the UVPE process can be integrated in existing air conditioning systems and in all configurations thanks to its modularity.

Microorganisms, such as germs like fungi, bacteria and viruses, are irradiated with short-wave UV light as the air is passed through the module. This stops them multiplying and eliminates their potential to cause damage.

The UVPE process offered by VIROBUSTER® is impressive thanks to the optimum interaction of individual measured values: The processor-controlled system measures the ambient air conditions, analyses the incoming data and calculates the necessary performance levels to consistently achieve optimum air purification.


Thanks to fixed installation dimensions and their compact shape, STERITUBES can be installed just about anywhere you like. In combination with various accessories, they can be adapted to suit any requirements. Using several STERITUBES together allows a wide variety of volume flows to be processed. Larger capacities can be achieved simply by adding extra tubes later on.